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Wordpress Development

Service Overview

Today, we all know how WordPress has become one of the go-to content management system not only for individuals but also companies around the world. Today, maximum small and large enterprises have chosen WordPress for their online existence needs. But, to make the most out of it, you must always consider knocking on the doors of the best WordPress developers in the business. If you are looking for the same, then Anayat Global Works can make things easy for you.

We have the best team in-house to help you with your specific needs of wordpress website development services. We work with skilled and qualified professionals who understand your vision and specifications in brief. We make sure that the website created is just the way you have had in your mind. It not only is designed beautifully but also optimized as per the latest search engine algorithms.

If your website is not performing convincingly, then you might have to face the heat of your visitors leaving early. But, with us you have nothing to stress about. We make sure that the website is loading fast and has an impactful user experience. We also cover search engine rankings that can make a great impression. It is important that you keep your website secure and safe from all types of online threats and vulnerabilities. We make sure that the WordPress site is backed up with the right security attributes that keeps your sensitive data secure in every way. This includes malware scanning, backups, and threat identification.

We are not only providing WordPress development and designing service but also making sure that it runs hassle-free all the way through. We keep your website updated with the latest attributes and security patches that can keep it in great condition all the way through. Our maintenance and security protocols help you with great online presence all the time. If you are looking for any kind of guidance or training for your needs of WordPress development requirements, then we have the required expertise to assist. We ensure that you get all your needs sorted so that there are no technical issues for you to deal with in the future.

So, you can expect nothing but complete value for money WordPress development service with Anayat Global Works. Being one of the leading providers of Custom wordpress development services, we ensure that you get all the boxes ticked and that too without feeling the crunch in your pockets.

Our Services


Custom WordPress Theme Development

We have the required skills and expertise when it comes to providing custom WordPress theme development services. We understand your business and audience to create visually appealing themes. We make sure that the respective design reflects your business vision and mission without any hassle at all.

Plugin Development and Integration

We all know how important plugins have become today for enhancing the functionalities of the WordPress website. We have the required skills to help you with plugin development and integration services. This can make it easy for you to get your website filled with the right features and eventually performance of the site.

Responsive Web Design

Today, maximum number of users are on mobile devices. It is important that you consider having a mobile-friendly website presence. This is why we are here to help you out with the same. We make sure that your WordPress website is optimized for all screens and devices. It provides excellent experience across desktops and devices.

Payment Integrations

If you are looking for experts who can help you with payment integrations, then we have the required expertise to assist. Our professionals can help you have an online platform with the right payment integration platform that can give you all the features to make transactions online hassle-free. We make sure that the platform comes with easy interface.

Website Migration and Upgrades

You can always trust us for your needs of Website migration and upgrades. If you desire to migrate to the latest version of WordPress, you can always knock on our doors and let our experts take care of it. We make sure that the entire transition has been done to perfection preserving the quality of the website.

Shipping services API integration

You can always trust us for your specific needs of Shipping services API integration. Our WordPress developers ensure that it is done to make the management easy and stress-free. Our experts will understand all the aspects and ensure that all of it is taken care of to perfection.

Our Work Process

You can reach out to us as and when you desire to for WordPress development service needs. Our experts understand your requirement and then deliver the same keeping all your specifics in mind.

Troubleshooting Process

With us, you never have to stress about the issues you might have with the WordPress website. Our troubleshooting pros make sure that all of your technical issues are resolved in no time whatsoever.

Going Beyond the Usual

Product Quality : Our Quality work ensures that your website delivers the results as per your expectations.

Trendy Design : We make sure that the design matches the latest design trends to catch all attention.

Choice of Service : If you have anything specific in mind, then we follow the same and deliver accordingly.

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